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"I am the mother of an autistic adult who lives
independently with a few hours staff support. I cannot begin to express my appreciation for what The Arc Recreation Program has meant for him (and for me). With well planned enjoyable activities and a wonderfully caring staff who obviously love the clients they work with, The Arc provides a social life and access to friends for my son that would be difficult without this

Family Member


"I am currently Manager of Self-Directed Services. Here, individuals with developmental disabilities are fully acknowledged as adults with all the same rights of other citizens. They control their own lives, hire their own staff, and make their own decisions. We no longer "take care" of them. Instead we support their hopes and dreams. We also provide support to their families. We teach people to self-advocate, explore, learn and have new experiences. We recognize each individual's inherent worth and we celebrate it."

Arc employee since 2015


"Back in Africa, I used to be a full time mom...taking care of my kids was my only job. Until I migrated to the States. My first ever paying job had been with The Arc. The Arc as a whole has been my home for the past 15 years! From Union County to Somerset County and finally to The Arc of Hunterdon County, where I have been given the opportunity to grow on the job, with support from all my superiors! They make serving these wonderful individuals, fun & easy. With all the awesome people at the Arc of Hunterdon, you are never alone. They are like family. I am so blessed, honored, and privileged to be part of a caring team who are touching the lives of all these "angels" who have been entrusted into our loving hands!"

Former Employee


"The Arc was not my intended destination, but I'm so grateful my career took a turn and brought me here. Arc is a family. The people are incredibly loving, supportive, and accepting. There's no other place I'd rather call home. I'm proud to be a part of their mission."

Arc employee since 2008


"Your gifts are not about you. Leadership is not about you. Your purpose is not about you. A life of significance is about serving those who need your gifts, your leadership, and your purpose. Arc. A-Assist. R-Respect. C-Care. My life is to serve those who need my gifts of leadership. God has blessed me with tolerance, patience, and respect for others. Sixteen years of giving service to those who need my assistance, respect, and care."

Retired Employee


"The Arc of Hunterdon has done a wonderful job finding my daughter a job. The staff at The Arc is very professional and kind."

Family Member


"It's really nice here at The Arc. It's laid back, the people are fun, and the staff help you. We have a really nice place here and anyone should like to come here."

Self Advocate


"My nephew is living a life we never imagined and it's only because of your programs."

Family Member/Guardian


"Your program there at Employment Solutions is great. I have been with the program since 2008 when you helped me get and try to keep my job. When that job did not work out, the program helped me find my current job. I would still like some help finding a job that is full time. Once again I would like to say your program is great!"

Self Advocate


"Working with The Arc you become aware of the variety of services they offer; you also get to meet the individuals (and yes they are individual’s like you and I). We come into work expecting to be givers of our selves but we end up benefiting more from what we receive from these wonderful individuals instead; they have so much to share and give."

Arc employee since 2013


"Working in Family Support for the Arc of Hunterdon was one of the most fun and rewarding jobs I've ever had. I still talk to a lot of people I used to work with there. Once you find your place in the organization it can really feel like family."

Former Employee


"Working for The Arc of Hunterdon is the most amazing job you could ever wish for, in fact, it’s not a job but a way of life. The instant you walk into the door you become part of one large family. The individuals we serve are the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet. They are caring, hard-working and tons of fun. I’ve been here for over 26 years and cannot imagine my life without the individuals we serve and my co-workers being in it."

Arc Employee


"I would like to thank you for the experiences we have shared together over the past 15 years. To say that this place has become home and my family is definitely an understatement. I have grown up here. More importantly- I have grown here. The staff and individuals we support mean the world to me. I value each friendship, bond, success and failure I have had here for each has shaped me into a better person."

Former Employee


"I just wanted to say how very grateful my husband and I are for the wonderful Arc staff members who have worked day in and day out with our son, since he moved in to his own apartment in 2011. Their assistance during his days and occasionally at night has been wonderful, kind, caring, patient, creative and inspiring! They have challenged him and helped him make amazing strides and he has developed a more independent and very full life. He even took a trip to Disney World with a staff person - and without us! We also thank the many Arc of Hunterdon employees who have worked hard to make his life a success. And we thank our son for making us so proud!"

Family Member/Guardian


"I like having good friends among the staff. We go places and have fun. I like earning money and The Arc helps me do that."



"I would like to thank the staff that is taking great care of my family member. These people give their everything for their patients. I have seen it first hand when I visited earlier in the year. Thank you everyone!"

Family Member of an Individual we Serve



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