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Download and view a copy of our recreation program for June and July 2024. 
Sign up information included in the calendar.

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The Recreation Department offers a richly varied program that includes active and spectator sports events, cultural events, crafts, camping, hiking, square dancing, extended vacations and a host of other social and leisure time activities. Programs are held on Tuesday's, Thursday's, Friday’s and Saturday’s. This locally funded program offers many opportunities for developing social skills, increasing self-esteem and self-worth and building friendships.
Our program also provides respite for families.

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Recreation: About Us
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Recreation Sign-Up Process

There's lots of reasons to get involved... but most importantly, IT'S FUN!
There are just a few simple steps to take before you can take advantage of everything this program has to offer.
Sign up for the events that interest you.
Complete the forms available at the link below.
Once they are filled out, return them to our main office.

Recreation: Welcome
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